Our Leading Brand

A 100% owned subsidiary of Looking Glass Labs, House of Kibaa (HoK) is a Web3 studio at the forefront of technologies in the blockchain, NFT and metaverse sectors. HoK is designing a hyper-realistic metaverse for 3D assets, allowing functional art and collectibles to exist simultaneously across unique NFT blockchain environments.

Project Origin

We're building the Metaverse.

Connecting your digital assets to a world of possibility.

By connecting their wallet to Project Origin, users will be able to access advanced features and engage with the NFTs and the communities in new ways:

PLAY - Mini-games and activities will be personalized based on the NFTs they own.

TRADE - Real-time NFT swaps will be able to be carried out, similar to trading cards.

EARN - Earning coins and rewards in the environment will provide more incentive to engage.

ENGAGE - Communities and creators can engage on a new level by hosting live events and providing a new level of communication.

Beautifully Crafted Environments

The Project Origin metaverse is being designed with a focus on hyper-realism and architecting state-of-the-art facilities for users to interact with. Users, communities, and brands will engage with a premium digital space that will be enjoyable and immersive. With 20 planned different environments inspired by the real world, Project Origin will function as the ultimate portal to the next-generation metaverse.

Project Origin is being designed with HTML5 interoperability so that brands can utilize their existing web experiences and existing design teams can work to quickly provide engaging displays in the world.

Owning Space in the Metaverse

An initial land sale was held in April 2022 for early adopters and community members. This sale was the gateway to HoK's Project Origin metaverse frontier and generated $2.6M in revenues over the two day sale.

Unlike any other land project, Project Origin provides a hyper-realistic visual experience backboned by the Unreal 5 Engine. Future sales will focus on B2B and brands as the metaverse grows.

Building for the Metaverse

HoK designs and curates 3D assets for other NFT communities and projects, allowing functional art and collectibles to exist simultaneously across different NFT blockchain environments.