Our Services

Looking Glass Labs, and its subsidiaries, partner with and support world-leading NFT collections to earn revenues from drops as well as royalties from secondary market re-sales of NFTs in perpetuity.

NFT Marketing

You won’t have to worry about your NFT collection with our marketing team on the job. We use our deep knowledge of the industry to brainstorm and execute marketing campaigns for you.

It doesn't matter if it's promoting your upcoming airdrop, showing off your road map, promoting events, or other great initiatives, we'll have everything planned out so that all you have to do is sit back and focus on building your community!

Partnerships & Collaborations

Are you looking for a creative and unique way to increase your NFT collection exposure? Our creative partnerships and collaborations team can help. We can help connect you with the perfect celebrity, artist, designer or partner.

Development & Minting Services

You've got amazing art and a great roadmap, but are you lacking that technical partner to bring it to fruition? You can be creative without the headaches of contracts. Let us handle everything for you, so you can focus on what really matters – your art.

Community Growth & Moderation

We want to help your NFT community flourish, so we offer Community Growth & Moderation services. We help you keep members engaged and entertained with ongoing events, news, or whatever it takes! You can depend on us to help things grow steadily and remain positive.

Brand Design & Management

From simple logo work to complex graphic designs, if you want your collection to stand out in the marketplace, it needs to be crafted with care.

Designing a system that improves the quality of every aspect of your collection, from design to production to distribution, will not only save time but can also create strong assets for years to come.

Smart Contracts & Legal Services

Putting the proper legal infrastructure in place for your NFT collection can be daunting.

Our team will provide you with advice and help you build smart contracts that protect both your collections and community members.

Metaverse Integration

Our experienced team can help you integrate your NFT assets into the growing number of metaverses that are continuously being created. We can help ensure that your assets are more accessible, portable, and interactive for the members of your community.